Raspberry Pi FRN Gateway

– RaspberryPi + SD card
– USB to RS232 (optional) PTT can be connected to RPi GPio pin
– USB sound card
– Power supply, RPi-RPi2 5V 2A, RPi3 5V >2A
– Interface
– Base or handheld radio (Amateur, PMR, CB)
  1.  Download FRN4Pi image for your Pi model.
  2. Format SD card to FAT32 file system.
  3. Write FRN4Pi image to SD card – WIN32 Disk Imager
  4. Put card in Pi and connect wires. (display – optionally, USB to serial – optionally, USB sound card, power supply, LAN.)
  5. Plug power supply in wall socket and wait few minutes to boot.
  6. Scan your network for Pi IP address – Angry IP Scanner
  7. Login to FRN4pi via SSH or Webserver (type ip in web browser) and configure it.

Login via SSH – Putty
User = frn
PWD = frnadmin

Login via Webserver:
User = frn4pi
PWD = pifrn

NOTE: Under [ Einstellungen ] / Configuration tab you can import config from  Windows FRN-Client. File location: C:/Program Files/FreeRadioNetwork/FRNClient/FRNClient.ini

All details and setup instructions: FRN4Pi.org or FRN4Pi page on Facebook
Alternative FRN client and server with instructions: alterfrn-ucoz-ru